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    i bet if police dogs knew the police were racist they would quit

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    Anonymous asked: oh no no i didn't send it trying to be a jerk, i'm just really glad other people recognize he isn't the most amazing person on the planet and neither is jontron.


    The only difference I have seen between the two is egoraptor has actually apologized and recognized some of his behavior (e.g. the Game Grumps episode with rape jokes) and jontron has only become a huge pissbaby and refuse to realize he’s being a problem and even mock his audience. I don’t forgive egoraptor for anything harmful and problematic he’s done, and even as a trans and queer fan he’s definitely struck some chords with me and he still has a lot to own up for and think he absolutely should be called out when he fucks up. But with jontrons recent behavior I will acknowledge the fact egoraptor has shown to be more willing to own up to his actions as opposed to jontron if that makes sense

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    Anonymous asked: egoraptor is gross. he still has animations posted where he uses the n-word and an extremely hurtful stereotypical voice of a "thug" for knuckles he echidna.


    I never said he wasn’t problematic and absolutely recognize the super racist shit he’s done and I really hate seeing/hearing it in his content and think he should 100% be called out on his racist behavior

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again, Arin provides an interesting parallel to JonTron’s recent tweets


    again, Arin provides an interesting parallel to JonTron’s recent tweets

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    suddenly realizing your friend sent you a message hours ago and you’ve just been accidentally ignoring them the entire time


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    Happiness is a Warm Gun || The Beatles

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